Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A lot accomplished!

Well with my day almost ending..or should I say my free time almost ending I thought I would update again. :) Today has been a pretty good day. I was feeling a little sick earlier but after a little nap, I was back to my normal self. I had a lot I wanted to get done today and thanks to God, I was able to get it all done and still have time to blog! :)

This morning I used all my time editing photos. If you ever check out my photo blog you'll know that I'm lacking there even more than I am with this one. It's not that I haven't taken pictures though, it's just that I've not taken the time to edit them. :) So finally today I got serious about it and editing about 30 or so pictures. I love doing it! Also I was working with John some with ideas for my new website!!!! He has been such a blessing to me with giving of so much of his time to help with this business. His whole family has actually been the reason why I'm pursuing it so much now. :) Thanks! So this morning John also put an ad on Craig's List for me to do work for people. (Scanning photos, slides, negatives...small editing jobs and photography I guess) Well right before he got offline he wrote and said that a lady had contacted him and wanted to know how much I charged for converting 8mm tapes to DVD! I could not believe that he got a response that quick! Thank you Jesus!! :) Now, it's still not sure I'll have the job, but at least someone was interested. :) Later on he called and said that a different man wanted 800 slides scanned and put on a DVD too! It's just incredible to me. I've had a hard time trusting that God would even bring any work. And not to say that I'll get these jobs or that work would stay this constant, but this has really been a jump start for my faith. :) Please be praying about this new business for me. Someone in my family is designing me a website right now and as soon as it's up I'll post a link here! :)

So then after Hanah went down for her nap I was able to work on all my other things. :) I think I told you about ordering the note cards. Well, they came in and I had to "package" them today. :) I'm going to try selling them 4 cards to a set. I know that's not very many, but they are kind of expensive to make so this way, it will be cheaper for whoever buys them. :) It was fun bundling them up though. Hopefully local shops will be willing to sell them for me.

So after that I framed some pictures that I had laying around. The one of Luke I'm going to give to Angie. She needs some more pictures for her office!

Lastly, I needed to frame the article that came out while I was in Oklahoma. Several weeks ago Jami, a reporter for the Suburban Journal interviewed Mandy and I. She had done an article on us while filming "Dancing With Angels" So anyway, it finally came out and ended up being on like the second page, we were amazed. We were figuring it'd go to the Health section or something. :) When I got home though, I had like 9 copies of this article waiting for me. I have some nice family and friends. :) They were all saving it for us! Someone had suggested cutting the article out and framing it to preserve it, so I did. :) That was a little more complicated than sticking a picture in. I cut it up into different sections than taped it in. :) Doesn't look too pretty, but it works. :) If anyone would like to read the article just click HERE

Besides this I've had a lot on my mind. With the help of some very kind and honest friends ;), I've learned that I am not a confident person at all and have a hard time trusting. Or if I do trust it's those small things like "Oh Danielle, did you know gullible is written on the ceiling?" I trust THAT, but I don't trust that what they are honestly telling me is true. Or that they are choosing to be my friend. Instead I think, "Oh they just feel sorry for me" And with the confidence, I'm not really sure how to change that, but I realize I DO need to change. I can be confident in Jesus Christ. Also I have to realize that although my goal is always to be perfect, it will never happen. Not on this earth, so I need to lower my goals a tad bit, so I don't stay frustrated in life all the time. When I say my goals, I mean for worldly things, like being a good tennis player, or piano player, or photographer. :) These are all things that I just assumed I should be perfect at, and well....it didn't happen that way. I fail, over and over and over. So...I'm trying to realize now that if I set my goals a little lower maybe, just MAYBE one day I'll be able to accomplish them. :) Wont that be nice? ;)

Well, Logan will be home very soon. So I better get going. Check out my photography blog for some of those pics I edited! ;)


Anonymous said...

That's really cool about your interview, wow your famous! :) God bless with your new business!

Jason H.

Chelle Nicole said...


I am praying! You are going to do great with your new business! I can't wait to have a reason to be in Missouri so I can meet you and see how you are doing! Don't be discouraged or overwhelmed. Take breaks here and there and rest. God will do this with you in His timing!