Friday, October 10, 2008


I have like NO time at all to blog, but wanted to tell you all....

I HAVE NO BRAIN TUMORS!!!! Praise God for the great results! :) The nurse had me terrified on the phone because she said there was an abnormality but then she went on to say it was with my left ear canal!!!! YAY! So they just referred me to a ENT to see what I can do for it. :) Now this will help with the dizzy symptoms, as for the fatigue, we are still working on that..I'm trying to drink that water! ;)

Anyway, thank you all SOOO much for the prayers!!!

oh, here are some photos from today! :)


Hannah said...

PRAISE GOD!!!! I'm so glad that it is only a 'minor' problem!! He is faithful.

Thank You, Jesus!


Bethany said...

Praise the Lord!! Yay! I was SO happy to hear the news!

Love you!

Lucie said...

Glad it's not to serious.:)

Eliya said...

THANK YOU LORD!!! I'm so glad that it wasn't a serious problem. Hopefully they will be able to fix the ear problem quickly and easily.
God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Danielle, I just read your story on the Journal. wow!
You are amazing. I need to talk to you in person when you get a chance. I live in Wentzville and find you and your sisters story very inspirational to all. I will be getting the movie to show others. My phone number is 636-327-6908.
Have a terrific beginning, Kellie

Mrs. S said...

Praise the Lord!!!

I was going to add you to the readers for our new blog, but I need your email address! :)

Chelle Nicole said...

I am glad for your diagnosis! I am praying that you are well soon! How are your pictures coming?

kellie said...

Hi Danielle, I'm sorry i missed your call earlier this week. If you would like to try my cell feel free to call it also.
I find your story interesting for someone so young. Have a terrific weekend. Kellie