Friday, October 31, 2008

Praise The Lord!

I'm NORMAL!!! :) Okay, that sounds a little weird, but after waiting what felt like ALL day, the nurse called me to let me know that my blood work came back within normal range!! :) Thanks be to God, because even the doctor is amazed with this. I have been praying that God would just heal me and some friends of mine were praying the same and that my results would come back normal and they did! :) My potassium is now back to 5.0! The nurse said, "I don't know what your doing but keep it up and keep drinking lots of water and stay away from that potassium!" She said I could reward myself like once a month with a banana! :D Anyway, I am thrilled as I'm sure you can tell.

Today was a fun day. Logan was off school yesterday and today so today was our "party" day. :) We started off our day by making cupcakes and finishing up our crafts. :) Then the kids played outside for a little while since it's been BEAUTIFUL here! :) (upper 70's) So then Tara came over and we took the kids to the mall to kill sometime. Not that the mall is a great spot to kill time, but we had a reason...they have a pet store! :) We all LOVED looking at the cute little pups and then actually went in a room and held one. He was adorable and we named him Yoshi! If only we had 500 dollars to spend on a puppy. I'm not even an animal fan, but this little guy stole my heart! He was some kind of mix..think they called him a peekadoodle or something! :) I know it was part poodle. :D He would only get to 8-12 lbs too!! :) Aw, I wanted him! :)
So after the pet store we made our way to Brunswick Zone XL :) It was So much fun! It's supposed to be a bowling alley but we didn't even bowl. They have laser tag and a HUGE arcade! :) (no, it's not like chuckie cheese) All of us enjoyed it! Tara and I didn't play laser tag, but we went in with the kids and well sort of played cause we helped Hanah out! Boy, that was one good workout! :) Then we spent the next hour or so playing games. They had one thing that you just laid on and you watched the screen and between the movie and your chair shaking all around it felt like you were on a roller coaster! Ah,...the best! :) Bet your wondering..."Did she go for her, or the kids?" :D :D (This was my first time, so I didn't know about all the fun stuff) Anyway, then we went to lunch and came home, so we are all pretty exhausted!
(Hanah playing lazer tag..oh by the way, these are all cell phone pics, that's why they aren't too good!)

I'm really looking forward to being home this weekend!! I don't think we have any plans for tonight (might go play tennis) but then tomorrow I'm volunteering at the fall picnic in Winfield to do face painting! :) Should be fun! Then tomorrow evening I am going to a fall party with Mandy. It's with some old school friends of mine so that should be VERY interesting! I haven't seen these girls since I was umm..11??? WOW! It's been a long time, but it will be nice to see them all again. :) And as for Sunday, I'm not really sure. Sunday is usually our family day, so I'm sure we'll have something planned! It's always nice going home, that's for sure!

Okay, now I have a question for you all. Do you think it is foolish to give details on my whole life over a blog? When I share struggles or when I just tell norm

al info does it seem like too much? Lately I've been going through some hard things, especially last night and I'd love to blog and tell you what I've learned, but I've been cautioned by someone and well, just wanted to know all of your thoughts. Does it ever encourage you all to see what God's been teaching me or is it more of a sob story? Please if you read this leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts. And if I get the go ahead, I'll share what I learned this morning! :) (although you all know it already I'm sure!)
(Oh, Besh...the pic of me is on there for you! :D Thought your family would die laughing seeing that I went OUT OF THE HOUSE with pigtails in!)


Cheryl said...

I love reading your blog, and "hearing your heart", I enjoy reading about the real you, so keep talking.

Bethany said...

Praise the Lord for the good report!!

I'm rather surprised though that you would REALLY want that puppy...come on now! You don't even like Duffy that much, and he was little and cute like that once you know. :P LOL

Oh, and I LOVE the pigtails!! Too just need to wear them a bit higher up...THEN go out of the house! :D

Love you lots!


Chelle Nicole said...


I would love to tell you that you are free to spill your heart, but I do want to caution you that it is a public forum. I think it is ok to an extent, but leave out any personal details, and maybe really pray about what you want people to know about you. I am not saying you should hide your feelings from everyone...just maybe find a couple really good and trustworthy people to tell ALL the details with. People that you can trust with your heart, and then be a little more 'general' with this public forum. I would say that whatever you have talked about so far has been fine.

If you need someone, feel free to email me. I am always available to you and somewhat anonymous also.

I hope that you can sense my heart on this. I just want to protect you.


Hannah said...

Praise God!! I'm so grateful that you got a good report!

I love hearing what God is teaching you, keep it up!

Hannah B.