Monday, March 24, 2008


Well, I was planning on posting about our Easter and everything that has happened today, but I really have so much more on my mind right now. Should I deviate from my original idea of a post or share what is on my mind?

It's hard for me right now. I like it here in Mexico, I like being around David and Teresa and everyone else, but tonight especially it is hard. I think I figured out what it is though. It's not that I never want David to get married again or that I feel like some woman would be trying to take my Mom's is more than that. I am So afraid that David might say one day that he knows why my Mom had to die. ;( I don't want his reason to be what I think it could be. I could easily see him saying, "Danielle, I know why your Mom had to die, if she wouldn't I would have never met Teresa." I don't want that to be said to me. I really like Teresa, a whole lot, but I don't want her to be the reason my Mom had to die, so David could meet her. David has never said this to me, so as it is right now, this is all in my head, but I am afraid that David COULD think this. Please do not get me wrong though, I really enjoy being around Teresa and Valeria, very much so. I think she could be a good wife for David, I just don't want David to forget my Mom or to stop loving her. Someone can so easily be forgotten, but I don't want my Mom to be like that. ;(

Okay, I'm sorry I went ahead and just posted that, but as for our went very well. We had a wonderful Easter. Frank met us at the border after we walked across this morning and then he drove us up to his house in Chino. Valeria and I swam a little bit, it was So hot out, and then after swimming lots of friends showed up and it seems like all we did was eat! :) Patti prepared a wonderful meal and we enjoyed the fellowship with everyone. I got teased to no end by one of the guys there...I would tell you what it was about, but....nah, I wont! ;)

Then after eating and celebrating Valeria's birthday we packed up and drove home. It's about a 2 hour drive to the border from his house. So it was dark by the time we got to Mexico. Walking across was no big deal at all. I think they let anyone in their country. I didn't have to show paperwork or anything and then I brought avacados back with me and they didn't say a single thing to me, there were no guards, policemen or anything. :D BUT, once we got across the border we had to get a taxi to take us back to the clinic.....that's when it got bad. There were TONS of taxis there waiting for people, but since it was late, not many people who needed taxis were there. So they were all just sitting out watching us choose a taxi. THEN, David walked across this sewer thing and rats started running out from it, Mandy and I screamed! I was So terrified, as Teresa, Valeria, and Tom crossed more rats ran out from it and I screamed more and Mandy was crying. We were both really scared. Of course, all the taxi drivers were laughing hysterically and yelling things at us. I found out later they weren't being mean, just laughing at us. (which is mean I guess) Finally, Mandy and I had to cross and it looked like the rats were all gone, so I held on to her hand, and both of us being in dresses, leaped over the sewer and ran to the taxi to be safe. WE MADE IT!!!!! After a quick taxi ride with 7 of us packed into a small taxi we were back home! :) Now it's time for bed...well soon anyway! :)


Mickinick said...

I am praying still. From what I have read though, I don't think that David sounds like the kind of man who would ever say what you fear, or even think it. I am sure that instead of thinking about why she had to die, he is more likely to be thanking her for helping to shape him into the man he is, so that he can take her with him through the rest of his life's journey. She will not be replaced, just added to.
This is true in your life too. Don't be afraid to love, your heart can be divided a thousand times without the amount of love diminishing. God is amazing like that!
Keep up the faith! You are amazing!
And...I love the photos you have been taking! Thanks for sharing your heart and your views!

teresa said...

David never will do some can hurt you. You are the reason that he has for getting health. He loves you so much.
Your mom has a special place, and nobody can replace her. I think your mom always will be in David´s heart, don´t worry about it.
The Lord has your life in His hands, rest in Him.
I will like to bring happiness and blesses to your life.
Never doubt that David loves you.
With all my love,