Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Favorite Day

Well I must say, yesterday was my most favorite day of all! :) Not much happened in the morning but in the afternoon Dr. Quintana went to pick up his son Emilio and brought him to the hospital. Mandy and I were so excited because, Emilio was born the last time we were in Mexico. We have pictures of him as a little baby, but no he is 1 and 1/2 and as cute as he can be! At first he was so shy and just wanted his "papa" but then after just a little while he opened up and was so smiley and a lot of fun! Dr. Quintana took all of us bowling. Now you have to understand this, I was picturing this little tiny run down bowling alley and we would be like the only ones there.....well, I was wrong! It was the biggest bowling ally I have ever seen and it was smoke free and it was clean and tons of people there! We played 2 games and it was a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun though watching Mandy and Tom do crazy bowl. They were coming up with weird ways to throw the ball, which usually resulted in a gutter ball with Mandy but it was fun for her and fun for me to see! ;) While we were bowling Dr. Quintana went to pick up his two older sons from daycare and then brought them to the bowling ally. His sons are so cute! He told us that they don't speak english, but he was wrong. Alejandro is 10 years old and spoke such good english to me! After bowling they wanted to show us around the mall we were at. This place was amazing! They had tons of stores to shop in, but the best was the miniture disneyland they had called Funny World. :) There were go karts, bumper cars, roller coasters, the swings like at 6 flags, tea cups...just everything! It was SO much fun! We didn't have tons of money so we only went on 2 rides! The first roller coaster was pretty easy, but I still screamed a lot. I was so afraid that Evan (pronounced Eban) would be scared on the ride, he is only 7, but he loved it. So after the small one, we all went on the big roller coaster, the one that went upside down. IT WAS GREAT! I was really scared, mainly because the roller coaster was so old that it made a lot of noises and the things that go over you that keep you in weren't tight at all so I felt like I would fall out, but it was so much fun! After our rides Mandy and I got toasty locos....RICO!!! They were good, BUT oh was awful. The man asked me if I wanted something..I can't remember the spanish word for it, but it looked like pickeled onions. (If there is such a thing) So I just went ahead and said yes. David said it was some sort of vegetable. So I didn't mind, I said as long as it isn't squid. So I got it and David tried one and said it was rubbery but he didn't know what it was. So I ate on and chewed on it awhile and wondered what it was. So we met up with Mandy and the rest of the group and I told Mandy that I had some rubbery vegetable on mine and Dr. Quintana said, NO, that is not a vegetable. Of course I freaked right away and asked what it was, he couldn't come up with the word, so this Mexican boy standing by us must have been listening because he leaned in to me and said it was PIG SKIN!!!! YUCK!!!!! Oh my...I ran to the trash can, spit out the thing and the tried scooping out all the pig skin. I had at leat a pound of it in my toasty locos. So I am guessing it is just like pork rinds, but not fried, just pickeled pig skins. :( It was not good! Imagine chewing on pig skin! :(

On our way back to the hospital we had to stop at CaliMax to get some things to make tacos. It was already so late, but we were all looking forward to tacos and burritos for dinner! ;) I had so much fun at the store though with Evan and Alejandro! Alejandro was practicing his english so everything he went by he was telling me what it was in English. He thought I didnt know what it was because it was written in spanish. Maybe he thinks they look different in the US. IT was so cute though. He would go down the aisle and say, "This is cat food, this is dog food, this is to fix your car, this is pickle (pointing to a cucumber), this is onion." You get the picture, it was just really cute! Can you tell I had a really good time with them. I was sad when they had to leave. They did stay for dinner and left at 9:30 pm. Can you believe that, a doctor who works at the hospital stayed with us till that late at night, normally he gets off at 4:00 pm. The doctors are so nice down here, just like family. I am trying to convince Dr. Quintana to have me as his kids nanny! :) I would love to move down here and watch his kids. He came today and said that his boys wanted to come back today, so maybe tomorrow he said! I hope!

You will all be happy to know that I took out my braids this morning, no more pelo fea! I was so sick of it. I'm back to normal now. Sorry for updating so late. I was planning on doing it this morning, but today has been a busy day. Mandy, Tom and I just got back from walking to Revolucionary Blvd. It is such a hard walk. It's maybe 2 miles there, but a HUGE hill. I still need to get a picture of it, maybe I will and then upload it, but it's awful. I did find a blanket down there though for pretty cheap, so I didn't go for no reason. The people down there were pretty bold today though. The things they say are pretty weird. One guy said today to me, "Come here blue eyed girl" There aren't many people down here with our color eyes I think, so they usually are making comments. I'm trying hard to blend in though, Dr. Munoz said today that I am ALMOST a mexicana! (Okay, this picture does the hill NO JUSTICE! It's way steep and long)

Tomorrow David Ingrassano should be coming down and I HOPEFULLY will be able to see the movie he has been doing. He said if he is in a good mood, so I'm hoping he will be. Also tomorrow Teresa and Valeria will be leaving. It will be sad saying goodbye. Valeria is so cute and I really enjoy being around her. :) She took our her braids today too, I'll post a picture! ;)

Well, I guess that is pretty much everything. Unfortunately I will be home in 2 days, so I wont be updating this much anymore! You guys probably dont mind though! :P


Cheryl said...

i've eaten pig skin before :) it's something every romanian eats :) hahaha

Mamareed said...

Wow, how exciting. I was just writing to check up on you and let you know i've been thinking of you and praying for you. I hope this note finds you well and filled with joy.

In Christ,

Leslie Reed

Ashley said...

Sounds like fun! That's really amazing how wonderful the doctors are there. I'm glad you're having a good time. :)

~ Ashley

sage said...

I am so laughing at the thought of you eating that thing you couldn't figure out...and so feeling ill thinking about you chewing on pickled pig skin!!! YUCK!!!! :(

But I can just see the face you would make when you found out what it was...and I'm laughing again!!! :lol:

Bethany said...

Oh my, I wish I would have been there when you found out that was pig skin in your mouth!! Must have been hilarious!! :D

Anonymous said...

Pig skins...that is an interisting snack meal but oh well i would have loved to see that. I'm so glad to hear taht u r having a good time. keep posting i would love to read them.