Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well, I didn't think I would be able to blog tonight because we were SUPPOSED to stay up late and play Dutch Blitz, but Mandy ended up going to bed early, and David is asleep now so I'm just sitting in here trying to think what to write. :)

Today was a good day. Praise the Lord for good results from David's blood work. His tumor marker counts started at 157 and then last week they dropped to 25, well 0-5 is normal, and then today David found out his counts were 10!!!!!! YAY! We were SO happy to find this out. Glory be to God!

After lunch we all packed up and left for Rosarito. We were hoping to see our friends, Beto and Juan again, but once again they bailed on us and we weren't able to see them. We give up now. :) We had fun anyway though. First getting there, we went to the "playa" (beach) It was VERY warm today, upper 80's so the beach was very nice. We actually stood on the bridge too, so we had the pleasure of being at the beach, without the mess of the sand. ;)

After seeing the beach, Valeria and I got our hair done. I'm still in shock from looking the way I do, but it was fun, sort of..., to get it done. I had asked for it a certain way, and the lady said she understood, but after half of my hair was in braids I realized it was NOT how I wanted it..not at all, so we took them all our and started over. :D So it's still not how i asked, but that's okay...it's done. I look VERY young...I gotta get these things out soon! ;)

After getting the braids done, we did some Mexican shopping! I had fun bartering with them and helping Mandy find a purse...I found one I liked, but I couldn't get them to go down to 30. They kept saying 40. :( That's okay though, I like my purse I have. I did get some souveniers for the two Mexican restaurant workers in Troy but that was all.

When we were finished shopping we went to dinner at the fanciest place! I would never have thought I was in Mexico. Inside it looked like we were in a tropical rain forest. It was a candle light dinner and there was mariachi guys playing. It was very neat...we all loved our dinner and we had a great time...then our taxi ride back was something else, but you can ask Mandy about that! ;)


Anonymous said...

The hair is hilarious! Your head resembles corn rows, or separated candy licorice, or...etc! Leave it in year round, then I can get my fill of laughing at you! LOL!
~Sarah Pre-Tate

Danielle said...


You better watch it! I might just show up at your wedding looking like this and then everyone will be too distracted looking at my funny hair. lol

Glad you got a laugh out of it!

Cheryl said...

cute braids :)