Thursday, March 20, 2008


I never would have imagined I would be sitting where I am writing on this blog again. And actually for a reason, not for vacation or to just come and visit. But I am, and even though it is not the best circumstances we are making the most out of this trip. Mandy and I arrived in Mexico by 10:00 am yesterday, but felt like we had been traveling all day. I went to bed at 2:00 the previous night and then was up at 3:00 to get ready to go to the airport. By 6:00 our flight was leaving and headed to Denver. The planes that Mandy and I were on, were so crowded and the rows were very close to eachother so it was one of the most uncomfortable flights we had ever had. I've never been sick on a plane either, but I was sure I would get sick....Thanks to God, I didn't! :)

But we are here now and it is great!! David is feeling good and his counts are down which is SOOO good!! Since we were so tired yesterday Mandy and I weren't up for much, but we did go to the shopping mall and played cards in the evening. Tom taught us some differen't games which was fun!Seeing everyone has to be the best part though! The doctors are the same (Dr. Quintana and Dr. Munoz) and the cook is the same (Angelica) and then our favorite nurse Esther! Everything is so much more relaxed here and they immediately told us to make ourselves at home. Everything here is like a huge resort! The rooms are gorgeous and the view is spectacular!!! I can see the whole city from our room. I can see San Diego, the border, the little carnival going on, just so much!!! Maybe tonight I will get picture so you can all see! :)I am hoping to blog each day, but really I am not staying online much. Well, not at all really too much going on here! ;) Look for updates though! ;)


Anonymous said...

i'm looking forward to your daily blogs! :) and photos (selfish little me) :)

Scottie Moser said...

Hey, sis, I'm glad you guys made it there safely; hope you enjoy your stay! :-)

Keep us updated!