Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Updates on Life...

Well, as I was getting ready today I was thinking about how much has been happening, or seems to be happening and I realized that when I blog on here, it's usually when I am upset and I forget to write about the good things that the Lord is doing in my life and also give you updates on things I have blogged about in the past.

So, here goes! First my update on David. He has been in Mexico for over a week now receiving treatments, the first days being down there he told me he loved it, but then after starting IPT, he got sick. For those of you who don't know, IPT (insulin potentiation therapy) is a method of giving chemotherapy. Click on the link to read more about it. It's supposed to be a safer way, and not supposed to make you sick or lose your hair, but with David's cancer, the chemo is more aggressive and in turn is making him sick. They have given him nausia shots for his stomach but then after too many days of feeling sick, they decided to change his chemo. So the update from him today was that he was feeling good! Praise the Lord! We are still praying for complete healing for David, and also for his friend down there Tom. I have never met Tom, but as odd as it sounds, he is actually from the same small town that I live in. What are the chances of that. He has the same type of cancer as David also and has been down there since January. He is a Christian, but please be praying for his healing also. Mandy and I will be flying down to San Diego on the 19th and will be down there for a little over a week. We are looking forward to it and hoping to encourage David and the other patients while we are there.

Update on Angie now. Her pregnancy is going well! She is past the part of being sick and not wanting to eat anything! :) She is starting to show a very tiny bit, but it's still not to the point you would ask when she is due! ;) We are all pretty confident we know what the baby will be, but I wont say yet. I'll wait until we know for sure, which will be later this month! :) We are all so excited to find out, even though, I feel confident I know! ;) This baby is VERY active! She said that while she was on her trip she could feel the baby kicking and moving around the whole time. But it knows when to sleep, because at night time it doesn't move! :) When she was telling us this last night, my Dad said, "Uh oh, that means this baby is going to be a rambunctious one" :D I can't wait to find out! Also Angie has already picked out names too, SO when I can announce the gender of the baby, I should be able to tell you a name also! :)

This whole week I am off work, which has actually been very nice. The family I work for was worried that it would be hard on me having a week off, but I really am thankful for it. I had been working a lot of hours and the weeks just felt so long. I really love the job and the family, but I need a break sometimes. Hanah and I have been working our way through the bible, and when I go back to work we will be starting to study Moses. We usually spend 2 days on a "character" but Moses is going to take a lot longer than 2 days! :) I'm excited to start the new activities with her and different crafts. Hanah has a great memory, so it's very encouraging to me to see how much she retains from our lessons and how she is eager to share the information with her family! :) Oh, and Thank you to all of you who were praying for me with the driving situation. The Lord has really delivered me from that fear. I'm still don't like to drive, but I am not AS afraid anymore. Each time we get into the vehicle, I pray and so far the Lord has kept us safe. I am REALLY thankful for that, because it was one of my biggest obstacles to get over.

The last few weeks have been really good for Mandy and I. It seemed like earlier in the year we had a lot of animosity between us, but thanks to God, he has taken that away and our relationship is a lot better now! :) Just the other day we were driving home and she started to crack all these funny jokes. She was trying to act like she was mad at me, but I would just laugh at everything she said, it was great! :D She's good for that, making people laugh! ;) Spending the time with Mandy the last few days though I can see that she hurts just like me. Since I am not around her much and don't talk about certain things with her, I didn't think she was hurting like me, but now I realize she is. We both miss our Mom, a lot. We both have tons of questions we would like to ask our Mom and have things we just want to tell her. We both want her to be here to hold us, to talk to us, to laugh with us, to cry with us...just to be here.

At church on Sunday, Mr. Hunt was talking about change, and although it's uncomfortable sometimes, he was talking about how it is God's will when it happens, and well...that just didn't sit well with me I guess. Mandy and I were both in tears as he used us as examples of people who go through change. I understand this was God's will, but I don't understand how it's good. That's the hard part. And there were men at church saying they were encouraged through David's testimony dealing with cancer. And when I heard that it kind of crushed me. I am not encouraged at all that David has cancer, and it's hard to hear people making his cancer a positive thing. ANYWAY...I was going to make this a happy post, so I'll stop talking! :)


Kristen said...

Thanks for the update!
So exciting about your new sibling on the way. :-) Can't wait to hear more. ;) Hope you and Mandy have a safe trip to Mexico! Praying that all goes well. ~ Love, Kristen

Scottie Moser said...

So the update from him today was that he was feeling good! Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord indeed! I'm so glad to hear that things are starting to look up.

Update on Angie now.
That was great news! Can't wait to hear more as things move along! :-)

Thanks for the update, Danielle. God is at work! Never forget that His strength is enough to support you, no matter what. :-)