Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Happy Birthday!

This post is a little late, since my wonderful friend's birthday was YESTERDAY, but I still wanted to do a post for her! I've only known Sage for, wow, not even a year yet, but she means more to me than most people do. The last year has been rough to say the least, but she has been there for me for everything. I joke with her a lot because I'm sure her life was a lot simpler before she knew me, but she still decides to be friends with me despite my crazy hectic life.

I wish SO much that Sage could have met my Mom, but more importantly that my Mom could have met her! My Mom would have loved her! They seem to be a lot alike and both of them are so wise. Sage has helped me so much with decisions that I've had to make and giving me advice on just different things in life. I am not sure what I would do without her!

Okay, and yea, Sage can be mean. I'm heard many times saying, "Sage, you are SOOO bad or SOOO mean!" But, deep down she can be sweet! ;) :D She just likes making fun of me and giving me a hard time (tugging on your hair) :P

I like to give her a hard time back though! I tell her frequently now that she is having senior moments and I even ventured out to get her a getting old birthday card this year! :D

Despite all the jokes and her "mean" advice sometimes, I love her dearly! :) She is kind, caring, thoughtful...VERY THOUGHTFUL, wise, funny and one of my most beautiful friends!!! Love you So much Sage!!


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Amber said...

Awww! Such a nice post! God was so good to give you such lovely and kind friend as Sage!

Happy Birthday Sage!