Saturday, March 22, 2008

So Far....

Well, I was hoping to update each night but so far that hasn't been happening. We have been so busy and by 8:00 at night I am exhausted and am not able to keep my eyes open. I guess I just haven't gotten used to the time change yet. It's 3 hours diference here since Mexico didn't do their daylight savings time thing yet.

Yesterday was a GREAT day though! Teresa and her daughter Valeria came from Monterrey to visit David. Teresa and David are friends but this was their first time meeting. She is VERY nice, I have really enjoyed getting to know her and her daughter. She speaks english pretty well but her daughter doesn't know any. They got here yesterday right before our "Fiesta" for Dr. Munoz. We had a great time. Teresa brought cabrittos (which I thought was baby goat, but it ends up it's just sheep) So, we had cabrittos, frijoles, rice, tortillas, and lots of cake!!! :) There were THREE cakes. :) One was a sugar free cheesecake for Tom and David and then one carrot cake, which is traditional in Mexico and a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting which was obviously my favorite!!!! ;)

Last night we went down to Revolutionary Blvd. to shop a little bit and just to get out. It was a lot of fun. I love shopping down here though, all though everyone is shouting things at you, it's neat! :) They are usually very nice to us because we are American I guess. After shopping though we had to walk up this HUGE hill. I hadn't walked up it yet, so I was thinking I would just run the whole thing. Of course, everyone thought I was crazy, and I realized after being a little more than half way up, I WAS crazy.....what was I thinking, there was NO WAY I could run that thing. It is the steepest hill I have ever walked I think. Even walking it I was so out of breath, it's crazy. I will get a picture of it soon, so you all can see! ;)
(An orange that Teresa brought from her house...compared to a normal size grapefruit...Huge huh?)

Today we went to Calimax, a grocery store in town to get some stuff to make chilequenos...something like that! :) Sounds like nachos to me, but they say it is NOT nachos! :) We are all excited to try it though I think. But, the most interesting or weird thing so far has been our lunch today. I said over and over I would NOT eat it, but after Dr. Quintana rolled it up in a tortilla for me and held it out for me to take a bite...I did. :( But to my surprise it was good! :) Can you guess what I ate??? Tacos de Lengua!!!! A taco with cow tounge in it!!!!!! And it was GOOD! :D I ended up having 2 tacos! :) Some of the pieces of meat had the taste buds on it still, but Dr. Quintana cut up some of his meat for me and he said he was giving me the "carne" the meat, not the skin or taste buds.... :S It really just tasted like a beef roast.
Well, that is all for my adventures now. Tomorrow is Easter and David's brother Frank is picking us up at the border to spend the day with his family. They live in Chino so I am pretty excited to see all of them again and to spend the time with them! :) We are all going...David, Teresa, Mandy, Valeria, Tom and me. It should be fun! I wont be blogging tomorrow night though, well most likely not.

I hope you all have a Wonderful Resurrection Sunday!

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sage said...

Hey you!!! I did it. I read your blog!!!! Proud of me???

Love all the pictures and the updates, Danny-girl. So glad you're having a good time...but I have to say....tongue???? do you say it?? PUCK!!!!! :D

Glad you're updating. I've read through quite a few of your posts now, but for some reason this thing wants to give up when I try to leave a I'll just try for one right here instead of short ones on various posts. As usual, when I read your blog I end up in tears. I love you so much!!! I know you go through hard times, but reading some of these posts makes me ACHE to hug you. And thanks so much for the birthday post. You're much to nice to a "meanie" like me!!! :wink:

I'll check back more often...I really love reading your blog. Tell Mandy she should update too!!! :D

Hope you have a great time with Frank and Patti!!!

Love you!!!