Thursday, October 12, 2006

An Eventful Night!

Hola Everyone,

I know, I haven't posted in a while, but I promise, I have been busy! :) Two nights ago we had to move out of the hospital. This place has had lots of problems from the government since it is an alternative hospital. So, that night we were told we had to get everything out, because the health inspectors were coming the next day. So, all but 3 patients moved to a hotel in Tijuana and the rest of us moved to trailers, right down the road (walking distance). Even though, this was extremely scary for me, we had a lot of fun. We stayed up late talking to the doctor and had a small party the next day. Since our trailer was in the middle, we had the nurses staion in ours. Dr. Quintana let us be doctor's assistances also. It was really fun!

For the good news, the hospital passed inspection, so that means, they shouldn't be coming back anymore. We are all back moved into the hospital, so today I finished packing...again! My sister and David went to San Diego today. They had to get more money from the bank and go to a few stores. Usually it takes close to 4 hours crossing the border, but they got across in 40 minutes. So, they are back already! It was a quick trip. I stayed with my Mom here, and we went to radiation. My mom is feeling good, but is just so depressed. She told me today that she doesn't care if she dies. She just wants to go home. I know she doesn't mean this, she just was not in a good mood. Please continue to pray for her, and thanks so much for all of you who are sending encouraging emails and leaving comments! :)

This morning while David was still here, I learned how to make tortillas. It was so much fun! The dough was easy to make, but rolling them out wasn't the easiest for me. Angelica, the one teaching me, has been making them since she was 7 years old. She is a pro! Maybe one day, I'll be making them for my family each morning! I don't think so though. They taste really good though, even if they aren't round.

My mom's doctor, Dr. Quintana, isn't here today, because his wife is having her baby. They are naming him Emilio! We are so excited for them. We went to the store today to buy a little gift. Things are different down here though. They don't just sell little outfits. You have to buy a pack, and they are onesies (sp?), they are all pants and sweaters, odd for a newborn. Hopefully they will like it. :)

Thanks again for all the prayers. Our family really appreciates it!



Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

I'm praying! The tortillas look delicious!

Celeste McGrath said...

I just posted you something in the mail today! :)

Cheryl said...

I'm think and praying for you lots
Luv ya!