Sunday, October 08, 2006

Pretty Good Day!

Well, I don't have so much to write about today, but I do have pictures. David came down today so now I have a laptop to use and it is easy for me to upload pictures. YEAH! It has been a lot more stressful since David has been here. Not that he is doing anything, but just knowing that he is here, helps a lot.

Also since David is here, I have been able to work in the kitchen. Last time we were here I was able to work a lot cooking and washing dishes, but since I've been taking care of my Mom, there really hasn't been much time. Today was great though. I spent lots of time there, and got to learn some more Spanish! Not so much cooking yet.

We have also been painting on the stones from down on the beach. We brought some craft paint, so that has kept us busy. It is a lot of fun. Instead of buying souvineirs, I can make some. Too bad, I am not the best painter though...:(

My mom is going to start radiation tomorrow. For the radiation she has to have these lines on her forehead. They are drawn on with black permanent marker. Well, today I had to re-draw the lines for her and after I was finished I told her to smile. She said to me, You smile. So I did, and then she said, No, with this on your face. So, you can guess what I have on my face! :) It's quite embaressing! The picture is in the top left corner.

Here are a few other pictures also! Hope you enjoy them! Please continue to pray for my Mom.

Love, Daneille


Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Great pictures!

Hannah said...

I'm praying for you!