Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Good Day...Again!

Today was a pretty good day. When I woke up I just figured that I wouldn't be going to radiation. So, I was somewhat excited. Radiation is very boring. I planned to help in the kitchen, since Angelica had asked me, and just catch up on some emails. Well, my plans didn't work out. Not much later, David told me that I had to go to radiation. I bet you can tell I wasn't too excited. He wanted Mandy and I to go together, because Mandy isn't strong enough to help my Mom up, and we both needed practice. So, I just prayed that God would pleae speed up the time for our wait. We ended up arriving at radiation before they even opened. There was already a line, so by the time we signed the list we were number 5. I know this doesn't sound like a long wait, but we were number 3 before and it was 2 hours. Praise God though, because after 30 minutes my mom was in with the doctor. We were back in Rosarito by 10:15. Yeah! I was still able to help some in the kitchen after all.

While in the kitchen, Angelica was making quesadilas for the kitchen staff and me. She asked if I wanted a chile. I wasn't sure if I wanted one or not, it all depended on how hot it was. She told me that they weren't hot though, so I decided to try one. She heated the peppers up and then squeezed lime juice on it and mixed it with onions. Well, my first bite was okay. It was just very salty tasting. By my third bite, my mouth was on fire! I couldn't believe I could go from okay to ready to explode within 5 seconds. I was crying, my nose was running, my lip felt like it was triple the size. It was muy caliente! The ladies tried giving me juice, and then a tomato, and then more juice. Nothing was working. After 10 minutes, I was doing better, except for my lip. I was constantly asking if my lip was getting bigger. NOTE TO SELF- Never eat chile again! They told me later that it was a jalapeno, but a really hot one. She said you can get them where they aren't very hot, but these ones were. No joke. :)

My mom has been doing a little better today. Her legs still really hurt, but she had more energy. She was able to start the keelation (sp?) and vitamins through IV. She also did a water massage and the spinalator. Dr. Donsbach also put my Mom on something new, it is supposed to help her legs. It is for blood circulation, you stand on it and it vibrates, she is supposed to stand on it twice a day for 10 minutes. I think she likes it.

Tomorrow is David's last full day with us. Well, for a short time. He is leaving on Thursday to go back to California. And then on Friday, Tara, my sister, is flying in to come visit my Mom. This is all a secret though. My Mom thinks David is going home for good. Actually he will pick Tara up and bring her down here Friday afternoon. They will both stay until Monday and then go home for good. We will follow them in another 2 weeks. :) I am so excited for Tara to come. My mom will be so happy!

Well, I guess that is all. I still have no pictures. Sorry. :(




Barbara said...

Congratulations! You survived the pepper!
BTW, cheese, milk, sour cream or honey all help take away the burn. Juice and tomatoes only spread the fire! :)

Mrs. Baker said...

Hi Danielle,

We look forward to each one of your posts! You are so far away, but this makes us seem like we are just down the hall!

Please know that we continue to pray daily for you all.

Cheryl said...

Wow Seniorita!!! I'm surprised!!! I've never eaten a Jalepeno before. Luv y'all