Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mom's Improvement

This morning was really neat. I woke up to the sound of my Mom talking, full sentences and a clear voice. It is amazing the things that we (or should I say I) take for granted. We just assume we should have voices and be able to talk, but it is the Lord that provides that for us. Any day he could take it away. We have seen it happen. With all of these things going on with my Mom it puts so much in perspective. I am just praying that I can remember this when we aren't in the valley anymore, but on the mountain top! :) That day will come...

My mom had a good day. She was tired this afternoon, but it was to be expected. She walked a lot today, and was out of the room a lot. We brought things with us to Mexico to make crafts. We have burnt matches to make crosses to give out and we also brought paint for the stones from the beach, and a few other little things. So, my Mom enjoyed making those today. She worked on the crosses. I had the paint for the stones, but no stones. They are all on the beach. I wasn't sure how I was going to get them, because my Mom wasn't able to go down. There is an older couple here, that have been sort of afraid to go out to the beach by themselves so they asked me to go with the. We had a nice walk, but I felt bad having them walk me all the way to the rocks so I didn't get them. Instead there is a man that works here, who is a christian, and I asked him if he could take me down. I knew I could go fast, but I just don't think it is a good idea to be down there alone. Or even just girls. :( Anyway, I got my rocks, so I was able to paint! While we were walking up from the beach, I asked the man, how many children he had. I knew he had a little baby, but wasn't sure if it was his first. He replied with, an army of them. So, I imagined a large number. I then asked him how many and he said 4! I said, that's a pretty small army. I told him that I would like 15 or as many as the Lord gives me. He was shocked. He said I will change my mind later. I don't think so though. I said I want a quiver full! :) It just amazes me, even among christians, that they think having lots of children is bad, or that 4 is a lot of kids. Kind of funny, actually! I used to think that. I grew up with 4 kids in the family, and we were considered a large family, if only they knew some of the families we know. :)

Okay, back to my Mom. One of the doctors here explained to us more about the chemotherapy. It is not exactly the same thing that is done in the states. When you get it done in the US they don't give you anything to get rid of the dead cancer cells. Which in turn harms other parts of the body and makes you sick. He said that here, they will give her a large dosage, but she will be doing a detox, which makes her get rid of the bad cells. It made a lot of since. I feel so much better about it now. I'm still not sure, if that is what we are doing. David is coming down tomorrow morning, and he will make the final decision, with my Mom. I was being interviewed this morning, and he asked me what I thought about it, and how I liked being in charge of everything. My honest opinion was, I hated it. I don't like being the one to make the decisions. A lot of people don't know this about me, but I think a lot, and about everything. So, if I were the one to make the decision to do chemo or not, I couldn't. I mean, what if I said yes, and then something bad happend. I would never be able to get over it. I would blame myself forever. That is why I do not want to give my input. I believe God will give David the wisdom to know what to do, and it will be the right decision. And we haven't given up on prayer. He heals through that I believe.

I better get to bed now. I will try posting some pictures tomorrow. I know these posts must be pretty boring, pictures always help!


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Becc@ said...

I just found your blog, and I really like it, keep up the good work!
I'll be visiting again soon.
I WILL be praying for your Mom!
God bless you!