Monday, October 16, 2006

Just some thoughts

I know, I know...I didn't post yesterday and no pictures! I'm sorry. It was late last night and i was feeling so guilty that I didn't do as I had tried to promise. Today though, I have come through, although, I don't really have the best pictures. I didn't take any today, but Mandy got a few of some workers and nurses. And then, right before I came down I woke my Mom up to get a picture of her, so I could post it. Hope you like it!

The last two days have been pretty good. My mom's legs and strength is getting a little worse, but her spirits are up and she's had no headaches. Praise God! Right now we are working on the brain and then we can focus on the legs. Right? For the last two nights we have been meeting with a group of patients and singing praises together and fellowshiping. It was really nice. The first night, my Mom was really depressed and didn't want to leave the room. Then a friend of ours called and I'm not sure what she said to my Mom, but my Mom got off the phone a different person. She came down on her own and was ready to sing. I was so happy to see her. That night a lady here talked a lot to us. She shared her testimony and the story of how she was healed. It was the best thing for my Mom to hear. It amazes me how God puts others in our lives, at just the right moment. :) She said a lot of good things, and some I'll share with you.

We've often thought, what did we do to deserve this to happen to us? Why our family...again! It seems like things are always happening to me, I'm not sure why. I'm not saying I've really questioned God, but I've always wondered. But this lady set my perspective right. God chose my Mom to go through this, so HE will get glory. He chose to use My mom. How neat is that? Of all the people in the world, he chose her. I am blessed to be a part of something like this that God is using. Oh, and as I write this I'm thinking, if only I could always remember this. Through the tough times it is hard to think like this, but it is so true. I'll just have to re-read this. My mom is very special to God, and he knew she could handle this, and that everyone else going through this could handle it. I truly believe when this is all over God will get all the glory and we will never forget this. We will know who healed my Mom and thank him always!

Well, that was mainly what I wanted to talk about. I wanted to share it yesterday, but like I said, I ran out of time. Today was a busy day also. I went to Tijuana with my Mom for radiation. It is always so slow and boring there. You sit and wait 2 hours for a 5 minute visit with the docotor. It's "muy loco" (very crazy!) When we got home at 1:00, my Mom had her chemo. So, after an hour of that we were ready for lunch. We were an hour late, so we got some leftovers, it's alright though, we weren't too hungry.

This afternoon David and I went shopping in Rosarito. I needed to get some flip flops. My other pair broke last week. While we were out we stopped at the dollar store and a bakery. Ah, it was so good to go in there. They had pastries, doughnuts, pies, rolls. All so good! David let me pick out quite a few things. How nice! :) I had my first doughnut today in over 9 weeks I think. That's a record. ha ha ha

Then this evening, we spent out time getting ready for a surprise birthday party for Susie, a patients wife here. The receptionist made a card on the computer for her and a banner. Then someone else bought two sugar free cakes. So, we got everyone to sign the card and then after dinner, we got Susie out, so we could hang the banner and get the candles ready...It was a lot of fun. I think she liked it too! Everyone liked the cake. Although it had no sugar, it sure did taste like it.

Like I said, it was a busy day, but all good! Here are some of the pictures. The first one is a picture of the maintenance guys.The next one is a picture of three of the kitchen ladies, these are the afternoon cooks. Lupe, Ana, and Myra.Okay, that's all for now. Hope you enjoy them!



Danielle said...

checking again, sorry

Cheryl said...

Give your mom a big hug for me!!! I'll see all y'all next year!!! I know... bad grammer... oh well =P

Celeste McGrath said...

Thanks again for the post! I like the one of your Mum.

(that's the CORRECT spelling of "mom", well, for the rest of the world, anyway! heehe)

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

It is good to hear about the praise and fellowship time you have. I am glad your mom hasn't been having headaches!

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